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I call BS on 'Alignment'

Jun 05, 2022

I know this is probably a controversial opinion but hear me out...

I've been seeing a real trend in the online space recently talking about alignment and only working when you feel totally aligned.

And while I'm fully woo woo and believe in all things universe and really tuning into your body, I think this advice is damaging.

Well maybe not so much damaging, but definitely not productive.

If you base your activity on how you feel in that exact moment you will very rarely feel up to doing it.

The work you need to do to truly be successful is almost always uncomfortable, inconvenient, sometimes even scary.

And let's be honest, the consistent day to day work can even be really boring.

There I said it!

I can count on my hand the amount of times that I've woken up fully excited to do all the uncomfortable work I need to. 

But the honest truth is, without're going nowhere.

Now this doesn't mean I believe in working at the cost of your health or wellbeing.

I've actually fully turned around my outlook now and I always tune into myself and my intuition to make my decisions.

But this is the difference....

I ask myself....will the RESULT of this make me happy?

Not the day to day work, but the result.

And notice I said, will it make me 'happy?' not will it make me feel successful, or serve my ego.

There's a big difference.

For example, say you keep telling yourself I 'should' go to the gym.

Instead of asking 'Do I feel aligned with going to the gym right now?' 

(Does anyone ever?) 

Ask yourself..'Will being fit and healthy with a six pack make me happy'.

Maybe it will maybe it won't.

But it's the result you have to focus on, not that single gym session.

Instead of saying 'Do I feel aligned to do a FB live today?'

Ask...'will it make me happy to eventually have a really engaged audience that I can help on a bigger scale?'

You don't have to hustle.

But you do need to be realistic about the work that's involved.

You can't be precious in business. Or not willing to get your hands dirty.

Even the most successful yet spiritual manifestation coaches I know still do the work.

I think we need to bring back a bit of good old grit and tenacity to be honest, with a good healthy bit of woo woo sprinkled in.

Anyways that's my rant over for now. I could talk about this for hours but we've got the Plati Jubes to celebrate πŸ˜‰

I hope you have a wonderful week

Love always 

Carly x


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